2024 Program

About Thirty

Dir. Martín Shanly; 2023; Argentina; 92 min.; Texas Premiere

Arturo, who is in a state of arrested development in his life, attends the wedding of his former best friend, where he has to face people and memories from his past.

Deaths and Wonders

Dir. Diego Soto; 2023; Chile; 70 min; North American Premiere

It's summer, school is over and what should be the beginning of a time of fun and enjoyment, for a group of friends seems to be the beginning of some kind of sunset because of the serious illness of one of them.


Dir. Silvia Del Carmen Castaños, Estefanía Contreras; 2023; USA; 77 min; DFW Premiere

In this late-night summer self-portrait, Silvia and Beba make magic of everyday moments coming of age on the Texas-Mexico border.

La Bonga

Dir. Sebastián Pinzón Silva, María Canela Reyes; 2023; Colombia; 77 min; Texas Premiere

Two decades after a death threat from right-wing paramilitaries caused the community of La Bonga to flee, the townspeople embark on a symbolic journey through the jungles of the Colombian Caribbean to resurrect a home that exists only in their memories.


Dir. J.M. Cravioto; 2022; Mexico; 100 min

A desperate mother contacts her son's ex-girlfriend to tell her that he's about to marry a wicked witch.

Money Exchange

Dir. Lautaro García Candela; 2022; Argentina; 90 min; US Premiere

Pablo and Florencia work on Florida Street, the touristic and financial epicenter of Buenos Aires. Economic difficulties affect their lives together until they find a way to do business by exchanging dollars with their own community of traders. When their boss finds out, their project gets in danger.


Dir. Victoria Linares Villegas; 2023; Dominican Republic; 83 min; Texas Premiere

Preparing for a role, an actress interviews and rehearses with pregnant young girls.

Take Me In Your Arms

Dir. Julio Bracho; 1954; Mexico; 98 min; 4K Restoration

Fishing-village girl sacrifices her reputation to the local banker to protect her family; from there, she follows the path of least resistance, but she never forgets the fiance she left behind…

The Invention of the Other

Dir. Bruno Jorge; 2022; Brazil; 144 min; US Premiere

In 2019, the Brazilian government coordinates the largest and riskiest expedition of the last decades into the Amazon rainforest: to search for a group of isolated indigenous people in vulnerability and promote their first contact with the non-indigenous.

This is the Way I Like It & One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train

Dir. Ignacio Agüero; 1985 & 1988; Chile; 85 min

Director Ignacio Agüero interrupts the production of a film that is taking place in Chile during 1984 to ask the filmmakers what is the point of filming in Chile under the Pinochet dictatorship / A documentary about a film workshop for children given by Alicia Vega, a teacher in a marginal quarter of Santiago, to kids whose common characteristic is that they have never been to the movies.